We are proud to be affiliated with hundreds of dentists who show their dedication to providing children with healthy smiles every day. These highly educated professionals live and work in the areas they serve.

Simply select your state to see some of the men and women who will put a smile on your children’s faces. If you don’t see a dentist who was at your school, they may be camera shy!

Dr. Albert Kaspor


“I’ve had 31 years of family practice and have always enjoyed relating to the children. It’s my honor and privilege to provide to your children the best that preventative dentistry has to offer with the convenience of service at their schools.”

Dr. Brenda Bailey DDS


As a young child I was very frightened of the dentist, as I had experienced a couple of negative visits in the dental chair. However as a teenager I met a new dentist, who with his gentle way of doing dentistry, inspired me to become a dentist. I have always desired to help others and try and make a difference in their lives. The Ohio Dental Outreach program has enabled me to do this. This is not just a job, but a calling in my life.

Dr. Brian Garriques


Born and raised in New York, I graduated from Howard University College of Dentistry in 2013. I currently work in a Maryland private practice for underserved patients. After seeing firsthand the limited access to dentists for many children in the area, I joined the Big Smiles program in 2015 to help bring dental care to the children of Maryland and Washington, DC.

Dr. Cathy L. Rearden


Dr. Rearden is a native Philadelphian, and a 25 year retired CAPTAIN of the United States Navy. Dr. Rearden received her BA in Biology from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and DDS degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Dr. Rearden is a flutist, African djembe drummer, and loves line dancing. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Dr. Rearden resides in Chesapeake, Virginia with her adult son and daughter and adorable granddaughter.

Dr. Christopher Ryba


Dr. Christopher R. Ryba is a two-time graduate of The Ohio State University, having earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2009 in studio art and his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 2013. Dr. Ryba is a Cleveland native and enjoys checking out the local arts, theater, and music scene. He loves helping kids maintain healthy smiles at their schools and enjoys hearing about their hopes and dreams for the future.

Dr. Dalton Allen


I am Dalton C. Allen, DDS. I am a Howard University Dental School graduate with 48 years of clinical experience treating children and adults. I have no doubt the Big Smiles DC school dentist program is largely responsible for improving the oral health of our patients. Because of this program, these children will not face the painful and expensive results of neglect.

Dr. Dennis M Petricoin, DDS


“In my 47 years practicing dentistry, treating these young children has been the most rewarding and satisfying experience. It is my privilege to be part of this fantastic program.”

Dr. Jada Speller


I became a dentist because my Godmother was a Pediatric Dentist. I admire her so much for how she made her little patients so comfortable and at ease. I said to myself in 8th grade “That is so cool how she can help those babies feel so at ease.” I love to walk along Chicago lakefront and now I am cycling.

Dr. Jason Wilson


My name is Jason Wilson. I graduated from the WVU school of Dentistry in 2007. I was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. Both my father and grandfather are dentists. I enjoy playing soccer, attending WVU sporting events, and spending time with my son. I take pride in traveling to different schools and making dental care more accessible to children.

Dr. Jennifer Enlow, DDS


In the last two decades of being in the dental field, I have most enjoyed working with little patients and find them fascinating. I feel honored to be able to serve in the school mobile dentist program. I strongly believe we are breaking down one very real barrier to good dental health in children by being able to see them in school. I spend my free time with my school aged children, running, reading and gardening.

Dr. John F Regis DDS


I have been doing general dentistry over 25 years. I was born in Detroit and love my city. I have 4 great kids. I have coached basketball and baseball for over 10 years. I think it is so important that kids get their oral health cared for at school age! I am happy in dentistry that I can help people and I love to see a smile.

Dr. Judy Gerson


As a senior at Shaker Heights High School, I knew that I wanted to be a dentist, and for my senior project I chose to work at my dentist’s office. I picked dentistry because I like to work with my hands, and I enjoy its combination of art and science. I help people chew better, speak with confidence, and look better with a nice healthy smile. I was the first woman dentist in Solon and had my own office there for 18 years. I am the proud mother of 3 grown up daughters and in my free time I like to knit, read, travel, and take my dog, Cleo, for a walk.

Dr. Karyn Boltz


January ‘16 began my 9th year with Mobile Dentists for Kids, providing this much needed service for children in Ohio. Besides my goal of trying to make our brief encounters stress-free and a fun experience for the children, my favorite things about our days are listening to the hysterical things they say, and knowing that we have prevented some dental decay or discovered caries that would have otherwise gone unrecognized until it was too advanced. It breaks my heart when I do see badly decayed/abscessed teeth and children in pain and I always pray that they receive adequate follow-up with a local dentist. When not traveling around the state, I can usually be found working on our landscaping, making jewelry, or traveling the world.

Dr. Larry Shapiro


For almost a decade, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a group of top notch dental professionals. Together we provide the very best school based dental health care to hundreds if not thousands of children of all ages with varying dental needs. For many students, our mobile dental teams are the only source available they have for achieving and maintaining good dental health. The interaction I have and the ability to help so many great kids has and continues to be a truly remarkable and rewarding experience.

Dr. Louis Leslie


I enjoy providing care to children in their own schools because it provides a sense of community and using a village to help raise a child.

Dr. Miroszlav Nemet, DMD


I am 2001 graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry. I have been interested in dentistry from a very young age, and hopefully my interaction with the kids will inspire a whole new generation of future dentists and the development of lifelong good oral health.

Dr. Nahla Wadie


I have loved dentistry since I was 6 years of age, as I wanted to make dentures for my grandmother to eat with. My best time is the one spent with my family and my three children, especially traveling together and outdoor activities. It was always my Catholic faith and Jesus that called me to go out and serve others.

Dr. Nicole Meadows


A 1987 graduate from UD Mercy Dental School and a 1997 graduate of the Masters in Science Business Administration from Madonna, she currently has a private practice in West Bloomfield, and on her day off she loves working for Big Smiles. She thinks the kids are so fun and enjoys teaching them about dental health. She believes education is the most valuable asset you can provide a child. Dr. Meadows is married with 2 children, 3 dogs, and 2 cats.

Dr. Pareen Dholoo


Dr. Pareen Dholoo has been practicing dentistry for over ten years. She has worked with Smiles Program for over five years. Her personal experience as a child with all fields of dentistry led her to becoming a dentist. She loves her job and she loves giving back to the community. Dr. Dholoo feels that she gives back to the community by providing quality dental care to children who have limited access to dental facilities whether it be for lack of insurance, finances, or parent’s time. She also volunteers with Mission of Mercy Dental. Dr. Dholoo spends her free time exercising and playing with her nephews; Andreas who just turned 3, and Kamran who is about to turn 7.

Dr. Randolph Faulk


I’ve been a general dentist for 25 years, and I truly love what I do. As a kid, I always liked playing with small toy soldiers and putting models together–still do! And I’ve always been a perfectionist and into detail. But I also like health and care–It feels good to make someone feel better about their smile, or relieve their pain. Outside of dentistry and my family; my hobbies include running, history, photography, and our pet dogs and cats.

Dr. Stephen Black


Dr. Stephen Black graduated from Boston University School of Dentistry in 1977. He practiced full time in Brockton, MA until he sold his dental business in 2013. “I can now do more community service activities and public health dentistry. Mobile Dentists has been a great fit for me – I can help kids doing what I love!”

Dr. Black’s first love is his family; his wife Barbara of 40 years, and his three sons – Matthew, Andrew, and Keith. He enjoys tennis, golf, biking, skiing, and taking trips with his family. He stays active in Bridgewater by helping out at local food pantries, parklands, and a Community Emergency Response Team organization.

Dr. Aaron Diehl

Dr. Adam Stowe

Dr. Aida Arasteh

Dr. Alan Handler

Dr. Alan Jones

Dr. Albert Gruber

Dr. Alexa Martin

Dr. Alfonso Hinojosa

Dr. Amanda Stough

Dr. Amir Zolfaghari

Dr. Amy Bagley

Dr. Amy Gala

Dr. Amy Scott

Dr. Andrew Brooks

Dr. Andrew Elkins

Dr. Angela Wiredu

Dr. Ann Selander

Dr. Ann Shackelford

Dr. Ann Shackelford

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Dr. Arsham Dianat

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Dr. Candace Flener

Dr. Carly Lemley

Dr. Carol Caudill

Dr. Carolina Moura

Dr. Chad Lubecki

Dr. Chaitra Bhat

Dr. Charanpreet Ashtakala

Dr. Charles Boswell

Dr. Charles Deigert

Dr. Charles Kneedler

Dr. Charles Rawls, Jr.

Dr. Chelsea Pinto

Dr. Cheri Basco

Dr. Christina Stowe

Dr. Christopher Baker

Dr. Christopher Bishop

Dr. Cindy Bauer

Dr. Claudia Claros

Dr. Corey Anderson

Dr. Corrine Hacker

Dr. Cynthia Iseman

Dr. Cynthia Michalik

Dr. Cynthia Oberg

Dr. Dan Levitsky

Dr. Dana Burkett

Dr. Daniel Bonnevie

Dr. Deborah Kahn

Dr. Debra Kennedy

Dr. Dennis Baum

Dr. Dennis Campbell

Dr. Dennis Winthrop

Dr. Derek Wong

Dr. Derrik Richard

Dr. Dewain Whitmore

Dr. Dexter Haywood

Dr. Doanh Ogle

Dr. Douglas Macmillan

Dr. Dwight Fox

Dr. Edgardo Rubio

Dr. Elaine Reina-Quinonez

Dr. Eleanor Barnette

Dr. Elena Yeganeh-Tajian

Dr. Eric Steiner

Dr. Erica Tam

Dr. Erik Roberts

Dr. Ernest Ponraj

Dr. Ernest Rompf

Dr. Essence Page

Dr. Eugene Reisinger

Dr. Eve Desai

Dr. Evelyn Clark

Dr. Farrah Anderson

Dr. Farrah Anderson

Dr. Frank Lewis

Dr. Frieda Cooke

Dr. Gary Weiss

Dr. Gayatri Varanasi

Dr. Gelayol Golriz

Dr. George Ochs

Dr. Gerald Verderbar

Dr. Ghazal Rokhsar

Dr. Gina Davis

Dr. Ginger Grieco

Dr. Ginly Hilton

Dr. Hal Cohen

Dr. Harpreet Tiwana

Dr. Heather Surratt

Dr. Hengameh Safarcherati

Dr. Hyunjin Choi

Dr. Inderjit Bawa

Dr. Irama Forbes

Dr. Jacob Saxton

Dr. Jacqueline Beard

Dr. Jacquese Black

Dr. James Bell

Dr. James Bolin

Dr. James Bonkowski

Dr. James Cleary

Dr. James Russon

Dr. Janet Rucker

Dr. Janice McVay

Dr. Janine Reed

Dr. Jared Theurer

Dr. Jason Nikkhah

Dr. Jeena Devasia

Dr. Jeffery Miller

Dr. Jeffrey Edwards

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

Dr. Jennifer Wang

Dr. Jessica Gano

Dr. Jillian Ellison

Dr. Jim Beltz

Dr. John Dale Smith

Dr. John Dokler

Dr. John Mustian

Dr. John’e Epps

Dr. Johnny McKinnon

Dr. Jolene Wise

Dr. Jonathan Fairbanks

Dr. Joseph Bellafiore

Dr. Joseph Bellafiore

Dr. Joseph Hughey

Dr. Joseph Marshall

Dr. Joseph Smith II

Dr. Judy Gerson

Dr. Julia Rosenfield

Dr. Julie Stante

Dr. June Pearson

Dr. Karen Drosdik

Dr. Karen Eisenhofer

Dr. Karen Giannotti

Dr. Karen Schichtel

Dr. Karyn Boltz

Dr. Katherine Rose

Dr. Kathleen Donley

Dr. Kathleen Ihlendorf

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Dr. Kyoung Lee

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Dr. Leah Spiegel

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Dr. Mandana Akbarian

Dr. Manisha Ramchandani

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Dr. Matthew Pelais

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Dr. Melanie Morrow

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Dr. Michael Tarighati

Dr. Michael Thorne

Dr. Michelle Ebeyer

Dr. Michelle Nguyen

Dr. Michelle Ray

Dr. Mohammad Khaleghi

Dr. Mona Heravi

Dr. Mona Zaky

Dr. Myrna Gamez

Dr. Nadine Eder

Dr. Natali Schofield

Dr. Natalie Sorbello

Dr. Nechama Citrin

Dr. Nermeen Elnabtity

Dr. Nilam Chauhan

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Dr. Nisar Qamruddin

Dr. Panna Ruparel

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Dr. Patricia Johnson

Dr. Patricia Mack

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Dr. Rabia Rashid

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Dr. Timothy Taylor

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