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The Crisis Schools Face

1 in 7 children (6-12) are suffering from tooth pain right now.

Over 51 million school hours are lost each year due to poor dental health.

Over 50% of Children on Medicaid don't regularly see a dentist.

Dental disease is the most common but preventable childhood illness...

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Hear from the great people we serve

I have worked with Smile Programs for several years now and can’t say enough good about your program.

Carol Halpin School Nurse

Friendly and efficient. Great with the kids!

Mary Beth Delano RN

Thank you to the team for always treating the children well and being professional with them.

Carol McKnight School Nurse

Your service is an asset for the students. Many students do not visit the dentist on a regular basis. The dentist visit is just as important as any healthcare visit, but is sometimes not seen as important by parents. Your program assists the school nurse, since certain grades require a dental exam to be recorded. The dental team is self sufficient and requires little intervention by the school nurse.

Maryann McDonald School Nurse

The team was great! They do a fabulous job, and the student’s really enjoy visiting the dentist.

Paula J. McCarthy, RN School Nurse

The experience with the Smile Maryland Program passed my expectations!

Brenda Voit Executive Director

The program is great, and really helps a lot of families which cannot get these services, or never thought to get these services done.

Gladys Fonua Administrative Assistant

Great job Big Smiles Dental!

D. Williams Coordinator

This program is excellent, all schools should participate. The kids were very excited and some mentioned that the visit to the dentist is not as scary as they thought. Your staff is awesome and caring, and our students were very happy.

Zoraida Olivo Operations Manager

We are so fortunate to be able to participate in this much needed program. Thank you!

Sandy Marsh Coordinator
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